Ginger Poole
Innovation Design


No room for error

LabCorpBeacon: Medical staff ordered lab tests online.

This web app was one of the first of it's kind. 

  • I worked at LabCorp for three years and this was the primary project.
  • I was there from 2010-2013
  • I was the UX Lead & Designer on the project supervising one UI Designer
One of the key aspects of this work is having zero tolerance for interaction patterns that may cause errors in ordering. We worked hard to alleviate all confusion in the interface so that there would be no uncertainty on the part of the staff.

Introduced an innovative lab test lookup

Sketches, wireframes & prototypes

We introduced a new lookup feature. We were under the assumption the staff needed to choose from a list of tests. We found out by talking to users, that they know the routine test numbers by heart. We devised a method for power users to order tests in one field and cut order time in half.

  • I created high fidelity prototypes in Axure for testing. 
  • I worked closely with development to smooth the interaction pattern in production.
  • Our UI Designer came up with the look and feel to match the brand.

We cut order entry time in half for power users.

I learned that I am not the user.

  • I learned not to make assumptions about what a user needs.
  • I learned how to talk to users and what questions to ask to get to the root of the issue.
  • I learned how to work closely with product managers.
  • I learned what it takes to try something new.
  • I learned how to lead a team.

My favorite part of this project was the great teamwork we had with product, dev, and UI.