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helping LGBT people find jobs

finding jobs
Mônica Benício and her wife, Councillor Marielle Franco
Mônica Benício and her wife, Councillor Marielle Franco

It's not an easy time to find jobs in Brazil. But if you're a woman, it's harder. A black woman? Twice as hard.

A black bisexual woman? IF you get a job, let's say, get elected as a councilor and work to represent your own and their rights, you might even get murdered and your wife might stay without answers for who knows how long.


Brazil is a multicultural country. 

We descend from many countries in Africa, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands... We don't have a type, we're chameleons, like our brand. "Camaleão" is portuguese for that animal who has the ability to be highly colorful, but uses this gift to hide itself.

    A sculpture of Dandara that I did in the hope that people would remember her murder
    A sculpture of Dandara that I did in the hope that people would remember her murder

    We do have the elected Pride Parade in the world, but let's

    Another world title we own is the Highest Number of Trans* People Murdered. It's a sad reality, but the T population is in prostitution due to the lack of opportunities. And we are dying.

    This history personally really moved me. councilor The fear was very real and the pain was intense, I felt her death like she was a close friend.

    tough beginning right?
    hold on, it gets easier
    Jéssica Tauane, lesbian youtuber from Canal das Bee
    Jéssica Tauane, lesbian youtuber from Canal das Bee

    Brazilians don't know how to deal with diversity, because it was never an open discussion. Most parents don't know what is the practical difference between sexual orientation and gender identity.



    I needed to know for who specifically we were designing for. So we created a research to be spread in the same means we will advertise the website.

    It had a small quantitative data gathering and a more complex half with qualitative data. This data made us notice that our main audience consists in:

    • people between 19-35 years old;
    • cisgender gay men, cisgender lesbian and bisexual women;
    • many of those who were currently employed were actively seeking for a new job due to the inexistence of LGBTQIA+ politics in their current company (or plain and simple LGBTphobia).

    MVP schedule

    Empathy is my thing

    Being the only transgender* and the only UX inside the project I felt vital to the team, and that's quite rewarding.

    We had a tight schedule to deliver a MVP: June 28, Stonewall Riot Day, or International LGBT Pride Day.

    That was 21 days, give or take. In that time we did:

    • Interviews with HRs to acknowledge the fundamental questions we had to ask every candidate;
    • A form on Google Forms to sign up the candidates (collect emails, work experience; a basic register process);
    • Research on which were the priorities to ask companies, if there was legal questions that we couldn't escape and what were they;
    • Another Google Form, to register companies;
    • A domain,, and common email on that same domain.

      *Other amazing non-binary, gender fluid and agender, transsexual women and transsexual men, contributed in many, many ways, so, thank you. 

    Pardon my drawing skills.
    Pardon my drawing skills.

    Once an empowered black woman said, while reliving the Black Panthers through pop culture, "Ok ladies, now let's get in/formation".

    Education is fundamental to every underrepresented group. We must learn that our life matters. Our feelings matters. Our story matters. Our culture, our community, ourselves.

    This means to forget all the hate the world taught you.

    Also means to care about our brothers and sisters pains, to fight for them too, so that we can be stronger together.

    In the sketch is a feature idea of how to quickly remind or teach, to explaining some difficult term, like dysphoria for example;

    We didn't user tested this yet, but we did a design sprint with a mockup. We have many interface issues but the general idea is good. To show an embeded quick video, like an Instagram stories, so that the user can learn more about that subject (it would be done either opening another page and saving the user's progress or as a modal, so they wouldn't panic thinking all they filled is lost). 

    ui design

    I did some wireframes for testing purposes.

    They are done in shades of gray (so I don't get lost in all those pretty colors) to raise awareness to contrast and hierarchy.

    I don't usually work with written text in this stage, it's a mockup to show developers to think back and frontend technologies and web APIs, discuss if there is a necessity to build a design system. 

    It's also done to iterate information architecture and the scalability to other systems, media, and social networks.

    Candidates Screen: Login with Linkedin or Register
    Candidates Screen: Login with Linkedin or Register

    After getting beaten a lot by my wish to go straight to this stage, I held myself like a big boy and only after doing mockups and their tests I started designing the final screens in Adobe XD.

    I adopted a more light style of semi-flat design, and since I was designing to the web I took extra care with multiple breakpoints and the different ways users interact with the interface.

    In the desktop version, I felt a little more confident to explore contrasting background colors and pictures since usually in Brazil domestic internet is much better than mobile.


    The learnings

    Doing a project in which I'm personally involved is scary. My own community is suffering and I can't go wrong. Puts a lot of pressure in one's shoulders, but also made me realize that I can work with this same commitment in my other projects, all it takes is the dedication to empathize with the users and stakeholders.

    Even better, I can disseminate that empathy to others showing them what I saw, taking them where I went, making the whole team (from junior developer to directors) to be passionate about it just like I am.