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A disruptive way to donate

Donation Quest App

How I got the idea

There are many organizations which defend many causes in the world like illnesses or dramatic situations. We always see them through ads, TV show, Internet and, even on the street. I was always wondering how I can easily contribute to these organizations. You're probably going to say: "Just give them money or give your blood". Actually, you're right but here is the thing: I think it's too much annoying to just do it, take your goodies and go away or just click on the Paypal button and give your money.

Why can't we just make it funnier?

Based on that, I got the idea to create a mobile app listing all associations with a gamification system for all donations we did. Why did I choose a gamification system? Because people like games (not video games, just games). Then, I would renew the donation system through the game with challenges.

Rectangles... Rectangles everywhere...
Rectangles... Rectangles everywhere...

Let's draw some sketches

My first step was to draw some screens in my notebook. I drew only the screens that I wanted for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Log in, Profile,  List of all associations, Description, Make a donation. I could list all the main features.

Screens were low-fidelity to create something quickly. It's at this moment I had really imagined a new system for associations on the street.

This screen shows your challenges called
This screen shows your challenges called "Quests".


After that, I went on Adobe XD to create a prototype. I didn't have an idea for the UI design so I decided to use the Material Design UI library available on Adobe XD to make my screens. I just put some fresh colors to create a good atmosphere and a feeling of simplicity. I also added new screens.

I realized that I could create an app very quickly even if I don't have ideas for the UI design yet.

Gamification system

These screens below show you how I "gamified" the donation system. I used the trophy system for rewards as we can see in many game apps. Also gauges to fill to see the current state of your challenge. I thought it was the correct way to see when we achieve your goal.

Actually, they are my favorite screens because they give a feeling of satisfaction without claiming a tangible reward. We see all of that as a Game.

A disruptive way to donate

What I learned

This work forced me to think for a disruptive way to do common something we daily do. It's a challenge because you have to think differently and get empathy. I made this work as I'm not the user even if I got the idea for myself at the beginning. That's why I thought about the gamification system. People could see donations as a game and not with a pity feeling.

I also improved my skills in prototyping with Adobe XD. Before, I thought you should think about the UI design when we were creating the prototype. But actually, we don't need it because it's a prototype. I laughed when I thought about that. I can even say we don't really need it to develop an app because the UI design just makes your app visually different than the others. We can make a great app just with an open source UI library. Fabulous app is the best example I saw because, at the launch of the app, the UI design was mainly based on Material Design.