Felipe Rosas Licht
Product designer
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First blockchain based platform for Freelancers

About the project

Using Blockchain technology we can for the first time guarantee that the relationship between clients and freelancers are incorruptible and payments and conditions work perfectly.

We want to provide through new technology a better quality of life of freelancers and increase the productivity of companies

My role

  • Product Conception
  • Market Research
  • User Research
  • Roadmap

Are We Ready For A Workforce That is 50% Freelance?

.The number of U.S. freelancers hit 57.3 million this year, from 53 million in 2014—an 8.1 percent increase, according to the survey. That means 36% of the U.S. workforce has freelanced this year. Meanwhile, the U.S. workforce grew from 156 million to 160 million in the same timeframe, reflecting just 2.6% growth.

User Personas

Market Share

In Colombia, there is an average of 130.000 active freelancers, we estimate we can reach a total of 3.3 of the market in the next three years, making our product profitable at the end of the second year.

Every freelancer bills approximately 500 USD per month, our monetization strategy is to charge 10% for every transaction. Expecting to achieve 1000 transactions in the first years,


User Research

We validate our business idea using a simple survey which let us understand the principal pain points in the main activity for our product.

Results of the Survey

About the product

What have you learned from this project?

I learn how truly monetize a digital product and understand all the business implications for this project we do really do financial projections thinking in investment, ROI, and when we can be profitable based in income and revenue.

I understand how to do market research to find the perfect market fit and start planning development and design using lean start-up methodology to create and MPV and then a Roadmap to constantly add value to the product.

Also, we think about which marketing and product strategies will be the best for launch and after promoting a new product, how our KPI's and budgets are going to help us achieve the business objectives we had.