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Innovation Design

Seva Exchange

Bringing Timebanking to the Blockchain Era

The mission excites me

I heard about Seva Exchange on a podcast called Awarepreaneurs. The CEO was talking about the vision to bring timebanking (every hour of service is worth another hour of service) to the world using blockchain and AI.  I began working with the startup a few months ago to redesign & develop the website while starting a design for the mobile app.

Seva means "service" in Sanskrit

User Journey


The Seva Exchange app is a combination of a social network, a volunteer hour tracking software, news feed, review system, and registration and profile.

Beginning of a user flow (created with Sketch and posted on Invision)

Beginning of a user flow (created with Sketch and posted on Invision)

Seva Exchange

Exchange Design

We needed a way to show requests and offers with minimal information for scanning, but enough information to choose to tap on the card for more information.

Features included

  • Curated personalized list from the AI engine
  • Featured Activity promoted by the AI engine or by the Timebanking Coordinator 
  • An opportunity to post a request
  • Ability to filter
  • Simplified Tab Bar Navigation 

Seva Exchange

Profile Design

The profile includes not only reviews but Seva Coins earned and the ability to change your skills, interests, and settings


  • Profile picture, demographics, location edit
  • Sample review with a link to all reviews
  • Seva Coin balance
  • Link to change the interests, skills and organizations 

Bright future

I look forward to being a small part of a big movement.

This project has the potential to restore the concept of community to our society. Reciprocal service is sustainable, dignified and releases our hold on consumerism. I can't wait to see where this takes us.

"Make a difference. One hour at at time."