Ginger Poole
Innovation Design


A digital solution to help the loneliest generation.

Finding a solution for loneliness

Cigna conducted the largest study on loneliness ever undertaken in the U.S. - 20,000 surveyed and found that 18-22 year olds were the loneliest generation.

  • I created a concept for addressing this issue with an app to schedule spur-of the moment group pop-ups for college students and young professionals
  • I worked on this idea in my spare time for 3 weeks in June of 2018 
  • I conceptualized, designed, created the pitch deck and presented the idea. 
Pop-ups are small (4-8) people that anyone can host and anyone can attend around a topic or interest. They have to be at approved public places and take place 1-48 hours from being posted.

"I think loneliness is a problem for our generation."
- College student


At the discovery phase of my project, I shared this idea with three college students.

Guiding Questions:

  • I was curious to find out if college students would initiate pop-ups. I found they would only do it if they were freshmen(didn't know anyone), were able to network with professionals,  or could use to create study groups.
  • They also felt it would be more beneficial as young professionals or in community colleges
  • They suggested having their Facebook Contacts imported so they may know someone who knows someone.
  • The idea of a group of strangers getting together was not comfortable for this age group.
  • They also said they would like an algorithm matching people and interests.




I did some quick sketches in Sketch to have screen shots for the pitch deck.

  • Initially i wanted to show what a sample app could look like.
  • I chose this version with the location icon to show that these pop-ups are location based. The app would send you a notification when you are near a popup with your interests.



I created a few screens to show the interaction

  • This shows the location/map, topic and time
  • Rating for host & rating for venue
  • Bar code for discount off of venue's product
  • Button to sign up
  • You can see in the navigation you can save pop-up friends that you meet so you never have to exchange information


UI Design

I chose the popular graduated fills to influence the user with trustworthy but lively color.

Finding the right partners will be key.

I learned a lot from this project.

I learned to pitch innovative concepts and not to give up when confronted with barriers but to use every obstacle as an opportunity to get the idea right. 

  • The biggest problems centered around funding and fear
  • I was not able to overcome these obstacles...yet.

I'm already thinking of pivoting this idea to create a networking site for young professionals and college students ( spur-of-the-moment mentoring). Also creating one for spur-of-the-moment volunteering those folks who want to give back whenever they have a free hour or two. I'd also like to look into partnerships with Linked In (Higher Ed) and Starbucks.