David Hattingh
Lead UX Practitioner
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WesBank FastTrack

A completely digital car finance solution.

Problem Statement


1. Provide a current, credible, trustworthy, reliable method to get vehicle finance online and generate revenue for WesBank through successful applications.ution

2. Provide a paper-less solution where all documentation can be completed, signed and submitted online.

Primary audience

Purchasers of vehicle finance.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Usability testing was performed throughout the project. Initially, to validate any assumptions made about user requirements and needs and then to assure that any new feature or design decisions were thoroughly tested, in order to ensure that they matched the user's mental model for how the service should work.

Test candidates were selected from a broad demographic, ensuring that persons from all genders, races and income groups were included.

Usability testing was performed in a 1-on-1 moderated fashion, with a notetaker present.

Representative tasks were given to all candidates with the objective of only capturing the minimum data necessary to proceed to the next stage of the process for getting pre-approval for vehicle finance.

Based on the feedback received we were able to design a far better solution that exceeded business expectations as well as user needs.

WesBank FastTrack Personas
WesBank FastTrack Personas


Representative personas were developed after extensive customer research, user interviews and client stakeholder engagement.

Personas were especially valuable for all stakeholders to remain mindful of who we were designing the service for.

User Journey
Wesbank FastTrack User Journey
Wesbank FastTrack User Journey
UI - Responsive Mobile
UI - Responsive Web


CREACHA/OnePointFour delivered a world class solution to WesBank which fully digitally enabled the car finance and application process for South African car buyers and purchasers of motor finance.

WesBank's solution is the first of its kind in South Africa and allows electronic/online signing of contract as well as identity verification and other valuable value added services.

"David is easy going, pleasant individual who our digital team enjoyed working with. His
knowledge and expertise offered great value to all development projects, particularly as an
asset in the area of usability testing. He consistently provided detailed insights that were
invaluable in ensuring seamless, substantiated decision making, crucial to the success of any
UX deliverable."
Erica Kornau-Van Niekerk, MD CREACHA/OnePointFour.io