Rahul Alexander
User Experience Designer

Repeat Roses

Integrating a client dashboard for a zero-waste flower recycling service

Repeat Roses is a New York-based zero-waste flower recycling startup that repurposes event flowers and distributes them to local non-profits for extended life. As part of a broader UX initiative, our team was tasked to conduct research and provide solutions to help facilitate the donation of wedding flowers from brides and grooms upon receipt of an initial service quote. Our solution took the form of a dynamic dashboard to be used as both a collaborative document and driven by a Salesforce communication plan.

What I Did For Repeat Roses

  • 1:1 User Interviews, Review & Analysis
  • Field Shadowing & Document Review
  • Visual Design, User Journey
  • Insights and Low Fidelity Wireframes
  • Usability Testing


An in-demand floral recycling business looking to scale up

As part of the “pay-it-forward” economy Repeat Roses has grown its flower recycling business nationwide with plans to expand internationally. Attuning their services to clients who are in the throes of wedding planning has always been a labor-intensive task, requiring the type of phone calls and emails that become a liability as they scale up. Our challenge is to explore tech solutions to help take some of this labor off their staff while providing the kind of targeted bespoke service that has given them praise.


  • Stakeholder & User Interviews
  • Document Analysis
  • Journey Map
  • Insight Grid
  • User Flows
  • Low & Hi-Definition Wireframes

Discovery & Research

Repeat Roses

Business Research
& Stakeholder Interviews

Through direct conversations with Repeat Roses CEO Jennifer Grove and analysis of business documents (emails, contracts, quotes) we began to get a clearer picture of the overall process.

Who are Repeat Roses Clients?

Affluent brides and grooms with large floral budgets and complex weddings

What is the value that RR offers?

  • Tax benefit (parent)
  • Zero-waste Sustainability (eco-friendly groom)
  • Non-profit Donation (bride)

Customer Feedback

  • Brides and grooms were moved to see pictures of their flowers rearranged and repurposed.
  • Many would have promoted Repeat Roses service had they realized the impact of their donations earlier in the process
  • Repeat Roses relies on personal communication between sales staff and individual clients to help convey the value of the service and complete sales.

“Wait, it is a donation — we have to pay for this?”

Research Goals

  • Explore how brides and grooms make wedding decisions
  • Learn how brides and grooms connect with causes
  • Understand how social sharing occurs among family & friends
Repeat Roses

User Interviews:
7 Brides & Grooms

Following our initial business analysis, our team reached out to seven brides and grooms in the throes of wedding planning. Through a series of scripted 1:1 interviews we got a better sense of dynamics and mindset ahead of a wedding .  We later consolidated our debrief notes and interview results in the form of an insight grid.

“I can sit there and read like 300 reviews, that’s what I do, I guess that’s one of my hobbies.”

Key Insights

All giving is personal, relies on trust and follow-up

While themes of sustainability & giving weren’t immediately connected to their wedding plans, our interviewees all had a deep and emotional attachment and personal memories of charity & giving. They look to vet and explore a charity most often through their peers and local communities. It is essential for brides and grooms to understand the impact of their donation.

Weddings are great big collaborations

Getting things done amid wedding planning is a complex endeavor, relying on agreements made between the couple, parents, wedding planners, and vendors. A number of our couples often used google docs & sheets to collaborate on wedding invites, timelines, and to-dos.

“But all our friends are on it, right, so I expect them to share wedding photos that’s fine, that’s the thing, but because I am not on facebook they can’t tag me.”

Weddings are contracts
...they come with the territory

Weddings inherently require complex contractual services explored by a spouse, parent, wedding planner or some combination thereof. These contracts are often seen through the lens of past experiences, social networks, and recent customers. Once users see services as actively assisting in their wedding plans, following through with contract signing brings security rather than apprehension.

Guest communication is direct (invite & emails),
with peripheral social sharing expected

Most of our Brides and Grooms communicate to their guests via traditional invites and follow-up with emails, some have exclusive wedding websites while others value a low online profile. All imagine more casual event photos will propagate via guests online in either facebook, instagram and / or pinterest.

Repeat Roses

Persona & Archetype:
A Social Linchpin

Based on the interviews we focused on one primary persona, that of a bride or groom - where all points connect.  We used this persona to help craft a Repeat Roses experience around wedding events and user behavior both preceding and following the wedding as indicated in the journey below. 

Repeat Roses

Design Direction
& Principles

How might we build trust in the Repeat Roses platform and help build on consensus decisions?

Repeat Roses


Express the value of the Repeat Roses service to help others in meaningful and substantive ways


Provide direct and straightforward prompts and communications that assist and help bring transparency to the process


Aspire to find opportunities to collaborate, share and connect with others

Let’s get action items done, tell the story of the donation, and not be another obstacle to navigate!

Let’s get action items done, tell the story of the donation,
and not be another obstacle to navigate!

A Dynamic Client Dashboard integrated w/ Salesforce

Weddings are celebratory occasions with family friends, coworkers sharing in the future of the partnership. The Repeat Roses concept leans into some of the motivations that belie the emotional and social components a couple's union represents. Our solution is to connect brides and grooms to the service through an organic dashboard that takes on a journal-like quality and syncs to an existing Salesforce communication plan. The dashboard is driven by milestones and actionable events that help better inform the couple and their guests of the journey their floral donation takes. Notable features include Salesforce integration, florist collaboration, and social embed codes.

Repeat Roses

User Flows

Our initial journey expanded into a series of user flow diagrams  based on the existing business workflows and a hand full of must-have features under consideration.

How Might Wes / Flows /  Screen Content

How Might Wes / Flows /  Screen Content

Sketches & Information Architecture

Once we reached agreement on the basic flow and initial dashboard features, we had a workshop to outline the content for individual screens and began sketching primitive UI solutions by hand.

Repeat Roses

Lo-fidelity Wireframes
& User Testing

We circled back to some of our early interviewees to test a primitive version of the dashboard using InVision to validate and test features ahead of further UI development.  A summary of our testing results were compiled and prioritized in a spreadsheet.

Key Features Tested

  • Progress-driven quote and contract flows
  • To-do list styled action items
  • Salesforce communication plan integration
  • Direct action into dashboard links via email prompts
  • Changing dashboard states throughout the donation journey
  • Invite others to collaborate on payment
  • Collect and save documents for later review
  • Invite a florist to confirm or making changes to floral plans
  • Integrate & share the donation story with an existing wedding website

Repeat Roses

Style Guide & Prototype

Our team presented a style guide influenced by colors in the Repeat Roses flower sorting trays which was later applied to our high-fidelity prototype

Repeat Roses
Repeat Roses

A Look Further,
The Repeat Roses Journal

Following our sprint, Repeat Roses moved ahead with a UI overhaul of the landing and discovery pages as they looked to integrate Salesforce into their business workflow. The recommendations our team prototyped were to be considered on a future round of investment as the company invests more in the technology that surrounds their service.

While the client dashboard is a valuable first step to managing customer relations, our design sprint team considered leaning further into a more journal-like hybrid of the dashboard for future releases we dubbed the Repeat Roses Journal.

Streamlined for the unique characteristics of a one-time event, we described this hybrid as a means to merge the collaborative nature of a google document, the growth reflective in a couple's union, and the expressive qualities of social sharing. 

The journal restructures the features we explored on the dashboard into states that reflect intended user actions over time. In this way a client who has yet to sign a contract would be introduced to a personally branded site explaining the value proposition as it pertains to their wedding. A "my donation story" section of the journal would track the progress of your donation and could be integrated (embedded) directly into other wedding or social websites. The culminating end-state would  focus on the impact of the donation and attest to the value of giving as an expression of the union.

Moving forward I would recommend extending design and research to explore the potential of this alternative format as it may have more break-out potential for the business.