User research and analysis
for India's top property site.

Magic Bricks: India’s #1 property site 

Magic Bricks is the go-to platform to buy, sell and rent property in India. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people browse their online real estate marketplace to find their dream home, an office for their business, and to sell or rent out their properties.

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Project description 

Four years after their major redesign, Magic Bricks was planning to revamp their entire platformThe company approached UX studio with the request to conduct extensive user research aimed at understanding the main problems their users were currently facing.

The goals of the research: 

1) To find the main pain points of the four different segments: buyers, tenants, owners, and agents.

2) Validate the need for the new services they planned and explore the different ways they could be offered

Team composition 👩‍💻👨‍💻 

There was a team of two UX researchers from UX studio.  The main contact person from Magic Bricks was the company Lead Designer, but we also worked closely with different members of each team, as well as three Project Managers, who facilitated the available quantitative data and gave us an overview of their goals for the product. 

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Kick-off meeting and stakeholder interviews 🚀

The kick-off meeting served to establish the scope and objectives of the project.  Following this, we had a series of stakeholder interviews to better understand the context of the project. We interviewed the CEO, the Head of Marketing, and the Head of Product, who provided us with their understanding of the market and long term vision for the company. On top of that, the CTO provided information on technical limitations, while sales and customer support shared the knowledge they had accumulated through direct communication with end-users.

We had our kick-off meeting with 17 people.

We had our kick-off meeting with 17 people.

We collected materials from the previous researches, such as personas, jobs to be done, and usability tests. We also did a competitive analysis, identifying differentiating features and services.

In order to better understand where potential pain points were likely to arise, we ran workshops for each segment with the teams, ultimately mapping out the user journey.

UX Research: User Interviews and Usability Tests🔬

A research plan was created with the objectives and the research questions. In total, 40 on-site interviews and usability tests were conducted.

Our research suggested that the major problem for people trying to buy or rent a property in India was brokers, who charge an extra commission and have a reputation for being very pushy and untrustworthy.

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Another local problem is that cities are so big that many people don’t know the district names, and thus prefer to see the property’s distance from a reference point (e.g. their workplace or their parents’ residence) to quickly understand if a certain location suits their needs.

Besides, locals did not know much about the different districts (even in their home city), and thus required more detailed information about the surroundings of the properties they were planning to visit.

In the second part of our sessions, we gave our participants a few tasks in order to test the usability of the website. This was the point where we uncovered the problems that were mostly design-related. All the findings were collected, processed, and presented to Magic Bricks during the final presentation.

Key takeaways from the project in India🎒

  • Local context plays a huge role in the project organisation and process. 
  • Indians value personal relationships very much, and there’s no reason to avoid the bonding since they’re super friendly.
  • Some things may not happen on time, so plan accordingly and deal with it.