River Weiss

Hi, I'm River


passionate about applying consumer-psychology to create intuitive and immersive products that seamlessly add to the life of every user.

My background

My background in the legal, academic, psychological, and hospitality worlds has taught me how to understand human behavior on a deep level. This intensive study of human behavior has given me the power to provide a unique perspective on how people interact with technology, the emotional reaction that a digital product causes, what someone will take away from a digital experience, and informs my creative decisions in order to create intuitive and immersive products that make the user feel understood.

My Values

My values drive my design process. Technology is a powerful tool, one that can be used to make a community of users feel less alone, understood, and decrease frustration. Technology is a part of daily living, therefore, providing products that help users relax and smile fuels my drive, passion, and unwavering fascination for this work.