Sami Wurm

Singer / Music Technologist / Producer / Creator

I am a musician and an innovator. I sing, produce music, code, and invent new expressive modes of performance!

Sami Wurm

Sami Wurm



Released January 21st, 2022 !!

Debut EP: Feels Like Yesterday

Released September 2020. Tracks include: WeReOkay!,SF (Demo),Little Dipper, Falling, Ghostly_friend, I Forgot How You Made Me Feel, and 10 Minutes 'Till Sunrise//Feels Like Yesterday.

Debut Single: Wrong Guy

Released April 2020.

Computer Music Projects
Open Project (2020-)

Open Project (2020-)

Maskwear Technology

Using a LilyPad Arduino with an accelerometer, sewed into my mask with electrically conductive thread, I created a new musical instrument. My Arduino sends data via bluetooth to my computer that, running a classification neural net in JS, chooses a different vocal patch to place on my vocal input based on the pitch, yaw, and roll of my head. This Mask is intended for use in live performance. More on the ideation process of this project here.

Closed Project (2019-2020)

ML in Music

In this project, I explored linear, regressive, and classification methods of setting up machine learning algorithms, as well as neural nets. In this example of one tool I made, the program intakes 100 pixels from my camera's field of view and produces different pitches based on what is present in the field of view (my stuffed animal, me, or neither of us). For documentation on what I learned throughout this study, click here.



Project SPIKE

Project SPIKE offers a pathway into accessible, economic computing with AI robotics. My robot, SPIKE, is made from an iRobot, a JetsonTX2, and a ZED camera lens. Software used includes: ProjectMalmo (a virtual gym that allows for creation and modification of environments built in Minecraft), Act-R (a cognitive modeling system), and TensorFlow (a platform for building neural nets). My lab taught SPIKE how to navigate real world environments by first exploring them in virtual simulations via minecraft. After learning virtual environments, SPIKE is able to navigate them in real-world settings.

Live Performances

Original Song: 10 Minutes 'Till Sunrise // Feels Like Yesterday

Killing Me Softly By Roberta Flack, Arrangement by Sami Wurm

Coding Projects

GitHub - More projects in Java, Python, JS, XML, and PD-extended

Black Jack AI Agent - Final project for software design class. Created AI agent that always wins at black jack.

SongAssist Composition Help - WebApp using randomization to assist composers in expanding creativity and expediting the ideation process

Coding Projects Website - More comprehensive documentation on past coding projects and where they have lead me.

VR Aladdin's Carpet Ride - Virtual Environment where user can go on a magic carpet ride. Video here.

Avatar The Last Airbender AI - Using PoseNet to track user movements through a camera, users can bend and defeat enemies! Video here.

Granulator - WebApp, intaking a continuous stream of audio input and outputting that audio granulated.

Combfilter with Harmonics - WebApp, pre-loaded with song, manipulates preloaded samples with a combfilter effect at different chord frequencies.

Combfilter - WebApp, manipulates preloaded sample with a simple combfilter effect.

White Noise Generator - WebApp, produces computer-generated, random white noise.

Research Papers & Articles

Project SPIKE White Paper

"We present Project SPIKE – an artificially intelligent robot trained to navigate physical spaces by viewing them in virtual simulations on Microsoft’s platform: Project Malmo. The design of SPIKE exposes the agent to a dynamic, reliable 3D learning environment where it can explore navigation and learn cognitive techniques before entering the physical world. The result of this project is a robot with which individuals of more diverse backgrounds and specialties can become involved in AI innovation, and thus increase not only the efficiency but the ethical and equitable nature of the field of AI."

Ethics of BlockChain Technology

"I believe that the public blockchains that we see today are merely the first variation of much more complex, refined blockchains going forward, and that we can find ways to increase the ethical standards and implementations of blockchain technology. A good place to start would be increased transparency, ethically designed infrastructure, and implemented incentives for technologists and miners to work towards the maintenance of justice and sustainability."

Design Manifesto

"Design for Human Computer Interaction is a special intersection because technology is so instrumental in our every day lives at the same time as it is completely juxtaposed with natural human existence/interaction. By utilizing the design principles above and always remembering to design with fearlessness, empathy, creativity, insight, and communication, we can bridge the gap that separates technology from natural interactions. We can create visceral, authentic, pleasurable human-computer interactions that enhance our lives and our world. We can design for the future."

Data Visualization & Climate Change

"I know that it is imperative that we, as world citizens, take action against climate change immediately in order to protect each other and our planet. Therefore, it follows that it is imperative to make visualizations about climate data as easily comprehensible and as far reaching as possible."