My dream job is solving problems for people
I love the understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations. My dream position would be a role that combines the three aspects: Psychology, Art, and Data. I have conducted usability testing and research projects for UX companies, retail, insurance, finance, AR/VR apps, and retail.
Usability Testing | Walabot
This Case-Study describes the testing of the "Walabot" Application. Tested at Vayar Offices with Elad Group Cooperation, during my work at SEBOfx.
Call Center CRM | SaaS
This Case-Study describes UX/UI Design of an imaginary dashboard that helps you to get organized in a call center. This is a B2B SaaS product. Designed on Figma. Includes a Design System.
Netflix Redesign
Netflix's Goal is "Helping members discover content they'll love". Real users feel frustrated because the first thing that they see opening the app is promoted content. In this case study, I'm trying to figure out how to redesign the main homepage, while keeping the user at the center.
Web Design
I create great digital products, web design, and branding. The UX and web design projects I take on range from designing a new product to redesigning an existing mobile app, website, or SaaS software. Check out some of my work >>
UX Design | Ocean Statistics
This Case-Study describes UX/UI Design of an imaginary application that helps you to get ocean metrics each time you want to go to the beach. Designed on Figma.
UX Design | E-Commerce
This Case-Study describes the process of UX/UI design of an imaginary "Super-Duper" online grocery store. I wanted to make enough filters in order to make the experience easy and efficient.
UX Research | Colman
This Case-Study describes the testing of the "Home Front Command" Application. Tested at The College of Management Academic Studies. Conducted during my work at SEBOfx.
UX Course | Final Project
I took this course at Netcraft Academy back in 2017. Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes means understanding their problems. When you understand someone’s problems better, you’re more equipped when it comes to finding a solution to their problem. This Case-Study describes my final project: GroupIt Application.
UX Design | Mute App
This Case-Study describes UX/UI Design of an imaginary application that helps you to MUTE noises around you! Its idea came from a real need from my life and the life of people I know.
UX Research Experience
I have conducted with my team many projects in the field, at the client offices, or in a usability lab. To make sure that we were getting useful, valid, and reliable data during a user test, I had to be familiar with standard industry practices of user testing.
M.A Thesis | Wikipedia
This study deals with different aspects of Wikipedia’s official neutral point of view (NPOV) policy, which requires avoiding bias in writing. The study conducted by quantitative and qualitative content analysis of five controversial articles: "Terrorism", "Holocaust", "AIDS", "Madonna" and "God".