The best UX case studies made with UXfolio

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UX Case Study Examples

This page is dedicated to the best UX case studies made by UXfolio users. The examples above showcase all spectrums of our wast userbase - from product designers to UX researchers - and they check all the marks that make great case studies.

The best UX case studies blend engaging storytelling with stunning visuals to reveal your design process and the type of designer you are. These are the elements that UX leads look for when building their team.

To help you make a lasting impression, we created a UX case study generator that highlights the designer behind the screen, instead of the screen alone.

Generating UX case study templates

In UXfolio you can generate UX case study templates for all your projects. Just choose the methods you’ve used, let the generator create your unique template, and use it as a base for your case study.

As of now, UXfolio boasts pre-made case study sections for interviews, A/B testing, customer journeys, wireframes, user testing, and more. Using these will save you plenty of precious time, that you can invest in what matters: the content of your case study.

Copywriting made easy

Copywriting doesn’t have to be a pain. Let UXfolio guide you through the writing process with questions and prompts. Whenever you feel out of words, just browse our collection of text ideas, answer the questions, and voila: your copy is ready!

Device mockups in a few clicks

Visuals are crucial for UX design case studies, so we continue to expand your options to display sketches, wireframes, prototypes, screens, and UIs in your UX design case studies:

You can easily embed your prototypes from Figma, Adobe XD, Invision, Axure, and Marvel, or organize your sketches and UIs into carousel or masonry galleries.

With the in-app device mockups, you can showcase anything inside mobile, tablet, or computer screens in a matter of a few clicks.

Protect your UX case studies with passwords

Do you want to include sensitive or NDA protected work in your UX portfolio? UXfolio gives you the power to set up passwords on the portfolio and the case study level. Only visitors with the password will have access to your work.

And we could go on and on, as UXfolio offers an array of features that were chosen with UX designers and researchers in mind. Now, that you’ve seen some UXfolio examples, go ahead, and try it for free!