Experience Design
& Creative Strategy
with Tara Leigh

I am a multidisciplinary experience designer fascinated with human factors and ergonomics. My UX superpower is a high sensitivity to designs and interactions that might confuse, irritate, overload, or limit cognition in users. I love studying people & the more field studies and user interviews I have the opportunity to do, the happier I am.

I have been immersed in the health and wellness industry since 2002 and involved in the UX and design for many industries including manufacturing, wealth management, pharmaceuticals, and online courses. My Master's studies were focused on transpersonal psychology and mindful leadership which fueled my curiosity and empathy toward the intricacies of human experience (which is what got me into UX). In my spare time, I make things, am a book cover artist, enjoy art night with friends, and get outside to enjoy Colorado frequently.

Learning Library Design Improvements
My Role: Utilize user research, UX best practices, and UI patterns to overhaul and improve EdTech app including a WCAG compliant prototype and style guide.
Online Course Design; Psychotherapy
Utilize user research, UX best practices, creative brief and customer journey map to create brand, UI of player pages, and visual design of marketing funnels and assets.
The Gamification of Appreciation
Corporate internal project: employee experience
Heuristic Markup for Travel Agency
Heuristic review before usability testing saves time and money.
Process Harmony Begins Here
Integrating Page Strategy, Design, Writing & SEO from the Start
A Visual Diary of Usability Cues
& the reason, field studies are important.
Accessibility Review
WCAG Compliance Audit
Why to Design as if Everyone has ADHD
They don't. But let's explore design solutions for assisting working memory, and cognitive load challenges in a society where most are affected by dopamine depletion due to overuse of technology and social media.
Course Platform Design - 2017
Educational Course Design focused on Mindfulness
Human Factors & Preventing Team Burnout
Challenges and opportunities in high pressure environments with condensed project timelines.
Implementing Design Thinking & Product Design
To Improve the Dating Experience
The Basic Calculator Interface
How simple affordances, and signifiers can free up working memory, reduce error rate and save the rainforest.
Intuitive User Interfaces
What does intuitive even mean?
The Interaction Cost of Unstructured Meetings
Why having an agenda can improve both your performance and deliverables.
Looking for More?

A lot of my UX work is protected under NDA's.
However, if you'd like to see some of the projects I have art directed and designed, you may do so at my personal website here.

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Passion Projects & Product Ideas in Progress


iSkip, uSkip, we all Skip, yay! This is a work in progress to encourage more skipping because if you can skip without smiling you might need to talk to someone about that.

LuVest- Bank for Good

Meet LuVest a love-vesting app that makes investing in the things you love easier. After using Betterment's auto investing platform and being thoroughly frustrated that I could only choose between three mysteriously vague categories for philanthropic investing, I decided to design a solution that would allow users to make more granular choices about where they put their money.

Google, Find My Glasses!

Find your stuff without encouraging crime! I just discovered Apple launched a similar product last month. Such is life, there are very few original ideas. Now I will go and cry.